Optima ImpacDor®

The World’s Only One-Piece “Flapper Style" Impact Door

Flapper Door

ES Robbins International's Optima Impact Door may be field modified quickly and easily due to our exclusive one-piece construction.

For Use In

Industrial Plants

Food Processing Plants

Pharmaceutical and Medical Facilities

Retail Stores

Cold Storage





One-piece PVC panel construction

Attractive yet tough textured finish

Available in two thicknesses,

Standard: .250 (1/4") and Economy: .160 (5/32")

The 15"×18" clear vinyl window (of the same thickness above) is radio frequency (RF) welded to the primary panels

Finished panels may be field modified

Allows full width access, no bottom hinges to restrict traffic flow Industrial Plants

Optima ImpacDor®is an exclusive one-piece flexible vinyl panel door designed for light to medium traffic. The flexible ImpacDor is ideal for pallet jack, pushcart, pedestrian and light to medium forklift use.

Engineered for a variety of traffic

The Optima ImpacDor is designed for light to medium commercial, industrial and food processing applications where built-in durability is required.

Tough, single-ply, wear resistant vinyl panels, available in two thicknesses (1/4" and 5/32"), absorb the initial impact of loads. Vinyl panels are easy to clean, maintain and can be inexpensively replaced.

Durable, maintenance free and easy to install

The Optima ImpacDor features a corrosion resistant steel hinge and mounting arm. This heavy-duty, top mounted gravity hinge allows for full 180° swing capability while bronze bushings make operation smooth and easy. Solid plate mounting arms offer greater strength and durability than traditional bar designs.

Functional designs

A totally clear 15"×18" window is conveniently located 48" from the bottom of the door panel, and is radio frequency (RF) welded in place. Bi-parting models overlap in the center 2" and a 1" sweep at the top of each panel is provided for better sealing.

optima door colors Choice of Decorative Colors

Clear, Black, Blue, Green and Light Grey.


NOTE: Fasteners required to attach the product to existing opening. Framework is not included.