XHD-175 ImpacDor®

XHD-175 ImpacDor®


Welded aluminum sub-frame

24" high full-view windows

Full thickness 1¾" high foam insulated construction

Rigid, full-length aluminum mount and steel spine

Meets USDA guidelines

Sealed bearing corrosion resistant V-cam hardware with 1½" rise cam

Full perimeter air seal

Combination bottom bearing lower hinge with 4" high × 3" deep zinc plated jamb guards

The XHD-175 ImpacDor®is a continuously welded aluminum sub-frame with large vision panels and high bumpers allowing excellent visibility and maximum durability. The XHD-175 is a multi-faceted door capable of filing the needs of a wide variety of applications.

From oversized openings, to washdown, USDA, security and refrigerated applications, the XHD-175 is able to withstand the daily rigors of all types of traffic. A rugged and dependable performer, the XHD-175 is resistant to impact abuse by carts, pallets, hand trucks and medium fork lift traffic.

Engineered to be rugged, durable and stable

The XHD-175 ImpacDor® has a tubular aluminum frame welded to an aluminum stile which acts as the rugged backbone.This strong yet lightweight frame provides excellent dimensional stability.In large openings where slab and molded doors will warp and lose their ability to effectively separate two environments, the XHD-175 retains its shape and seal.

Custom made to exact size

Most XHD-175 ImpacDor® doors are custom made to suit your application within 1/8" of opening size up to 8' wide and 10' high. Transoms or dutch doors are suggested for openings higher than ten feet.

Available options

  • Choice of decorative colors: Cloud Gray, Charcoal Gray, Black, Chocolate, Cocoa, Burgundy, Beige, Red, Green, White, Cadet Blue and Royal Blue
  • *some doors may not be available in all colors.
  • Molded tear-drop bumpers up to 48" tall
  • ABS or 18 gauge stainless steel Impact panels up to 48" tall
  • Standard bottom bearing
  • 8-3/4" high × 3" deep zinc plated jamb guards
  • Cam swing (90° × 90° standard) 90° × 135° and 90° × 180°
  • Washdown package – Teflon coated hardware

For pressure and wind loads

  • Adjustable spring compensator
  • Top mounted compression spring