FD-175 ImpacDor®

Magna Impact Door

For Use In

Industrial Plants

Food Processing Plants

Pharmaceutical & Medical Facilities

Retail Stores


Full thickness 1¾" (44mm) insulated construction

Rubber sub-frame and flexible foam construction

Durable, attractive ABS facings in many colors

Full height mount assemblies

14" × 16" dual pane windows standard

Full perimeter seals including leading edge

Meets USDA guidelines

Sealed bearing corrosion resistant V-cam hardware with 1½" rise cam

Bottom bearing lower hinge

The ES Robbins International ImpacDor® FD-175 is a semi-flexible, full thickness door with a rubber sub-frame and full height mount assembly for the toughest industrial, commercial and retail use.

The FD-175 is a highly versatile door designed for industrial, commercial and food processing applications where an attractive, durable and affordable traffic door is needed. Fully insulated and gasketed, it is an excellent door for temperature control in industrial, commercial, retail and food processing facilities.

All materials meet USDA guidelines, making the FD-175 a good choice for meat packing plants as well. Built-in durability features make the ES Robbins International FD-175 resistant to impact abuse by carts, pallets, hand trucks and light fork lift traffic.

Engineered to be durable, shock-absorbing and maintenance-free

The ES Robbins International ImpacDor® FD-175 rubber honey-comb framework and flexible urethane foam insulation allow it to absorb impacts from commercial and light industrial traffic. The V-cam hinge is constructed of corrosion-resistant high strength meehanite and uses a sealed roller bearing that requires no lubrication.

The rugged ABS facing is available in a variety of colors and won’t chip, dent, peel, pit or corrode. This proven construction withstands abuse and provides years of dependable operation and attractive appearance with minimal maintenance.

Custom made to exact size

All FD-175 doors are custom made to suit your application within 1/8" of opening size up to 8' wide and 10' high. Transoms or dutch doors are suggested for openings higher than ten feet.

Available options

  • Choice of colors: Cloud Gray, Charcoal Gray, Black, Cadet Blue, Cocoa, Chocolate, Beige, Red, Burgundy, White, Royal Blue, Green
  • Molded spring bumpers from 12" to 48" tall
  • ABS Impact panels up to 48" tall