FS-500 ImpacDor®

Magna Impact Door

For Use In

Food Service


Retail Stores

Light Industrial


Rigid solid core with reinforced metal spine

EZ hinge installs and operates effortlessly

Attractive design and a wide selection of facings suit restaurant and retail settings

Stainless steel EZ hinge with 8-3/4" high × 3" deep jamb guards

11½" × 15½" dual pane windows standard

The ES Robbins International ImpacDor® FS-500 is a versatile 3/4" (19mm) door with wood core and durable laminates to match a wide range of restaurant and retail decor.

The ES Robbins International ImpacDor® FS-500 is the perfect solution for demanding food service, retail and light industrial applications seeking to provide a visual barrier or a damper to air currents in busy doorways.

Colorful 1/8" (3mm) ABS facings are bonded to a 1/2" (13mm) solid core to resist palletized loads, yet remain light enough to swing freely in high volume foot traffic.

This versatile, attractive door is supported by the easily installed EZ hinge system for two-way 125° degree swing. The hinge’s unique “offset pivot” ensures smooth, effortless operation to facilitate traffic flow.

Available options

  • Color options: Cloud Gray, Charcoal Gray, Black, Cadet Blue, Cocoa, Chocolate, Beige, Red, Burgundy, White, Royal Blue, Green
  • 8-3/4" high stainless steel jamb guards
  • ABS, Vinyl & Stainless Steel Impact panels any height up to 48"
  • Facings such as Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel and High Pressure Laminates
    (Formica®, Wilson Art®, or Nevamar®)

EZ Hinge has a 5-year warranty

250 degree door hinge FS 500 Impact Door Hinge