HD-175 ImpacDor®

Magna Impact Door

For Use In

Industrial Plants

Food Processing Plants

Pharmaceutical and Medical Facilities

Retail Stores Supermarkets

Walk-In Coolers


1¼" (44mm) insulated door panels act as effective sound and thermal barriers

One-piece molded polyethylene shell resists penetration by moisture, dust and chemicals

50% more shell thickness at impact areas than comparable doors

Unique corrosion resistant helix hinge allows for up to 125° degrees swing in both directions

Stainless steel mounting hardware

Industrial grade steel bracing the length of the door’s spine

Window sizes are dual pane 14"×22" on panels less than 36" wide and dual pane 18"×22" on panels 36" wide and up

Replaceable perimeter seals

8-3/4" high × 3" deep stainless steel jamb guards

The ES Robbins International ImpacDor® HD-175 is a rugged multi-use single piece polyethylene molded door body with corrosion resistant hinges and stainless steel mounting hardware for high performance and low maintenance.

The ES Robbins International ImpacDor® HD-175 attractive, rotationally molded polyethylene panels and corrosion- resistant hardware ensure minimal upkeep and maximum performance. Monolithic door panels resist moisture, chemicals, dust, bending and torque.

The HD-175 features a 50% greater shell thickness than competitive models. The shell thickens towards the spine and leading edges to maintain strength and resist fatigue from cart or lift truck impacts.

A steel tube strengthens and stabilizes the spine edge, plus the entire door is injected with urethane foam to add rigidity and dampen noise.

Unique 250° hinge

HD-175 Impact Door Hinge DrawingThe RD-175 low-wear helical hinge provides a simple, easily maintained gravity hinge design.

Its precision aluminum follower travels smoothly over a wide bearing area to evenly distribute load while significantly reducing wear without problematic roller bearings.

Hinge and supporting hardware are all corrosion-resistant materials.

Available options

  • Jamb guard or combination
  • Single pane 1/8" polycarbonate windows for washdown
  • Molded polyethylene bumpers from 12" to 48" tall
  • Choice of colors:
    Cloud Gray, Charcoal Gray, Black, Chocolate, Beige, Red, White, Royal Blue