NeoCor™ ImpacDor®



1¾" full thickness door panels (44 mm)

12" x 20" dual pane window is standard (8½" x 11" optional)

ABS facings available in beige, gray, white, black, red and brown

2/3 lighter than a standard traffic door

Full perimeter gasketing

Heavy-duty steel jambguards

Hinge covers included

Full length extruded hinge mount

Quick and easy installation

Recommended for dry applications only

Optional thermoplastic rubber teardrop bumper recommended for motorized traffic

All the benefits of standard traffic doors with an eco-friendly advantage!

Ideal for pedestrian, pushcart, pallet jack, and light fork lift traffic

Hexacomb® Core Door Hexacomb® Core

  • Constructed using virgin linerboard
  • Produced with 20% recycled paper content
  • Cholorofluorocarbon-free
  • 100% recyclable*

*Hexacomb is a registered trademark of Boise Paper Holdings, L.L.C. or its affiliates

SFI certified as 100% recyclable* *The Sustainable Forestry Initiative, is a fully independent charitable organization dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. Their certification standard is based on the principles of promoting and protecting the quality and biodiversity of wildlife habitats, species at risk, and forests.